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Oceanside, Carlsbad, Laguna Hills and Temecula Business Planning Attorney Samuel Kelsall V offers sound legal advice and representation to help sustain, grow, and transition your enterprise at every stage of the business cycle.

Whether you are starting a new company, making adjustments to your existing business, or preparing for a business transition, Kelsall Legal Solutions PC provides experienced counsel to ensure the longevity of your business operations.

With 30 years of experience, Business Planning Attorney Samuel Kelsall V has the skills and knowledge to help you with a wide range of business-related matters. By approaching each matter proactively, Mr. Kelsall takes a look at your entire situation to identify areas of potential concern while helping you meet your legal goals.

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Business Formation | Create a Solid Foundation

If you are a new business owner, you will be making many critical decisions as you begin to build the foundation for a successful enterprise. From choosing the most appropriate business entity and management structure to risk assessment and reporting requirements, Business Planning Attorney Samuel Kelsall V can provide skilled guidance during the business formation process. At this stage of planning, it may also be prudent to develop a succession plan, or exit strategy.

Business Succession | Ensure the Legacy of Your Company

Planning for the continuation of your business is critical because many businesses do not survive the transition to new owners. Business succession planning is essential because each decision has distinct advantages and disadvantages which must be considered. Often designed during the estate planning process, a business succession plan allows for the effective transfer of leadership while sustaining operations and maximizing benefits to the business.

Prepare Your Business for Sale | Plan a Successful Transition

If your plan for the continuation of your enterprise includes the sale of the business, consult Mr. Kelsall. He has extensive experience with buy-sell agreements, and he is highly qualified to represent your interests. He can help you maximize the value of the company, explore your options, and get the business into the best position for the sale.

Business Planning Attorney Samuel Kelsall V provides skilled guidance with the complicated and difficult propositions which may arise during the public or private sale of a business. Taking a company public can be a two or three year process which involves revising articles, updating minute books, solidifying relationships, creating golden parachutes, and other details. Mr. Kelsall can also assist with locating and hiring investment bankers and setting a price for the business.

The private sale of a company may be to family members or to employees who have made the business successful. This may involve an employee stock option plan, an incentive plan, or a profit-sharing plan.

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