Jeff J.

Mr. Kelsall is my go-to attorney for all legal matters. I never thought I’d have the need for an attorney, but unfortunately as a business owner in CA, you just have to have one. Mr. Kelsall and his staff are courteous, precise, easy to communicate with, and very professional. Forming of business entities, general business guidance and consultation, and other similar services are all things I have been here for, and I am very pleased with the service and expertise.

He has a very interesting background as both an entrepreneurial business owner and as an attorney, and he was exactly the type of attorney I needed. I could not have found a better person to put my faith and trust in for my legal needs.

I had a small issue that could have potentially turned into something major and Sam made it disappear almost overnight. I am very pleased with Kelsall Legal Solutions and plan to have an attorney-for-life. Thank you!