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Oceanside, Carlsbad, Laguna Hills and Temecula Trust Administration Attorney Samuel Kelsall V offers professional guidance for the oversight, management, and distribution of assets held within a trust. With almost 30 years’ experience in trust and estate matters, Oceanside, Carlsbad, Laguna Hills and Temecula Attorney Samuel Kelsall V ensure the trust is administered according to its terms while also ensuring all fiduciary duties are being satisfied.

If you have been named as the trustee of a trust and your friend or relative has passed away, you may have questions on how to perform your legal duties. Even though you are now obligated to distribute the assets of the trust to the beneficiaries as directed in the terms, there are many legal obligations which must concurrently be precisely performed. For these reasons, the services of an experienced Trust Administration Attorney are essential.

Trust Administration Attorney Samuel Kelsall V helps trustees protect and preserve the trust’s assets while also protecting the beneficiaries’ interests.

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Trust Administration Services in Oceanside, Carlsbad, Laguna Hills and Temecula, California

As a highly experienced Trust Administration Attorney, Mr. Kelsall understands the complexities associated with administering a trust, the variations of the nature of the trust, and its size and scope. He provides skilled guidance to the trustee throughout the entire trust administration process until the assets are distributed and the trust is closed.

Kelsall Legal Solutions PC guides trustees in many ways, including:

  • Location of Incomplete Assets – When a trust names an item that is not readily apparent, Trust Administration Attorney Samuel Kelsall V has the knowledge and experience to discover its location.
  • Communication with Heirs – A clear financial accounting is critical to the successful distribution of a trust’s assets. The law requires an accurate accounting be provided to all involved parties.
  • Engagement with Professionals – In the event experts or accountants are necessary for safeguarding the trust’s assets, our Trust Administration Law Firm retains professionals for these duties.

Fulfilling Your Fiduciary Duty | Legal Protection for Trustees

As a trustee, you may be legally bound to collect, invest, manage, accumulate, and distribute a trust’s assets according to the instructions set forth by the trustor in the terms of the trust. Any deviation may result in personal liability. It is expected the trustee will prudently follow the terms and use diligence throughout the process.

When a trustee does not comply with the terms of the trust, the beneficiaries may bring a lawsuit that would require potential litigation .

Oceanside, Carlsbad, Laguna Hills and Temecula Trust Administration Attorney Samuel Kelsall V provides skilled legal assistance with all aspects of the trust allocation process, and provides professional accounting for each transaction associated with a trust.

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